STARTGRO supports plant growth when it’s needed the most – at planting & transplanting. Ensuring the correct nutrition at this critical stage improves overall long term plant vitality.

‘Early growth’ refers to the ‘initial triggering’ of growth, ie. At germination, after transplanting, growth flushes preceding flowering, fruit set etc.

In agriculture, a plant sets its maximum yield potential within the first 7 days. Likewise, in gardening, the first 7 days of both annuals and perennial plants are regarded as CRITICAL GROWTH periods.

STARTGRO is specifically blended for use during early growth phase of you precious seedlings.

STARTGRO, this liquid formulation contains a balanced, complex of plant micro-nutrients.

STARTGRO is specifically designed for early growth periods, containing the nutrients, amino acids and growth regulators most vital to early growth.

Growers who simply feed plants N, P and K shortcut the ‘BIOCHEMICAL SEQUENCE OF NUTRITION IN PLANTS’.

Biochemically, plant nutrition starts with:

1 – Boron (B)

2 – Silica (Si)

3 – Calcium (Ca)

The B, Si, Ca complex ‘kick starts’ growth allowing N, P, K and others to be available.

In summary the BIOCHEMICAL SEQUENCE OF NUTRITION works as follows:

  1. Strong SAP PRESSURE (Boron) enhanced by
  2. STRENGTHENED CELL WALLS (Silica) leads to
  3. Good NUTRIENT TRANSPORT (Calcium)

This allows optimal cell division & photosynthesis to occur, the foundation of plant growth Calcium then binds with Nitrogen (4), Magnesium (5), Phosphorous (6), Carbon (7) and Potassium (8).


More on the Si, Ca & B complex:

  • Calcium (Ca) the ‘trucker’ of all nutrients:

Calcium ‘carries’ nutrients through the plant improving overall plant growth. Ca is immobile so a continuous supply is essential.

  • Boron (B) the ‘truck driver’:

Boron creates sap pressure – essential for nutrient uptake (B & Ca work closely together). Without Boron healthy plant growth can’t start. Boron leaches easily, also N & K are antagonistic towards B making Boron commonly lacking in garden soils.

  • Silica (Si) strengthens cell walls:

Resulting plants are stronger, less susceptible to drought, heat, pests & diseases. (Essential in a water-wise, heat tolerant garden)

Directions for use – STARTGRO

STARTGRO sachet = 5ml = 1 capful

Apply at transplanting of seedlings or planting of pots, and monthly thereafter. Also recommended for application after germination.

  • Dilute 5ml STARTGRO into 5L water. Mix well and apply as DRENCH to soil
  • For FOLIAR APPLICATIONS mix 20ml per 1L water into a knapsack sprayer. Agitate well and apply

STARTGRO contains a blend of organic and inorganic nutrients, it will not burn or harm plants if over applied

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EcoBuz Startgro

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