Seed Pack Sizes

We constantly listen to our customers, one of the constant requests that we have is for smaller seed counts, this is specifically to help certain segments of our customer base access to a larger number of heirloom vegetable varieties at a lower cost.
Not everyone needs 30 tomato seeds in a small garden.

In Spring 2018 we launched our Petite packs specifically to assist these customers.

We now have two seed pack sizes.

1) Standard packs. These are the seed envelopes that you are familiar with. the seed counts are displayed on each product page the default price will also be shown on the page.

2) Petite packs. These are reduced count seed packs, specifically for people that have smaller gardens, would like to trial a new variety or are using pots/containers to grow their veggies.

1) The Petite packs have been introduced specifically as we have been requested by a number of people living in retirement villages, town houses or people that are on a budget, that do not need a full pack of seed.

2) Our 100% money back guarantee only applies to our Standard packs and our Petite packs.

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