A truly unique addition! Try the Soap or Octopus Agave to clean up your act or get down and produce your own True Blue Tequila. These are fun and practical varieties that earn their place in your garden.

This unique release will appeal to craft distillers and serious collectors of the truly rare and unusual. How would you like to make your own authentic tequila? (We know you can’t legally call it that! Tequila is protected in Mexico in the same way as Champagne is protected in France.)

The renowned distilled beverage is made from the core of a specific variety of agave plant, namely Weber's Azul.

Soap or Octopus Agave

Soap or Octopus Agave

 Agave vilmoriniana Supplied FREE, courtesy of the Manie van der Schijff Botanical Garden a..


True Blue Tequila Agave

True Blue Tequila Agave

True Blue Agave / Tequila Agave / (Agave tequilana var. ‘Azul’ or ‘Weber’s Azul’) This unique re..


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