We Need Your Pics

Updated 8 Oct 2019

Become famous, have your pictures featured on our website, in our catalogues and on social media!

We need your help to get some really awesome pictures of your produce, plants and even your pests. We've seen some of your stunning pictures on Livingseeds Veggie Gardeners and recognise that there are some really talented growers and photographers out there. So, help us to liven up things with some of your exciting, fresh pics, that have your perspective.

We are looking for new content for use across all of our platforms, and you probably have the pic we are looking for.

Please send your pics to us by clicking here and we could include them on one of our platforms.

Pictures with watermarks/signatures will unfortunately not be used as they will look like harvested pics from elsewhere.

Pictures can/may be used by Livingseeds, any of our affiliate companies or resellers.
Pictures will never be sold and will remain the property of the photographer.

Livingseeds or any of its agents will never allow the pictures to be used for any other purpose than stated above.

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