Loofah, loofa, luffa – by whichever name, it’s an amazing plant that produces fruit like no other. Pamper yourself a little and grow your own loofah sponge. It’s great for exfoliating your skin, giving your body that healthy glow.

These vines are heat-loving plants and will not tolerate frost. Start your seeds off indoors and plant outdoors after any danger of frost has passed. For beautifully straight and blemish-free loofahs, train the vines up a trellis. Production is generous, so be prepared to gift some to friends and family.

Loofah European

Loofah European

LuffaA wonderful multipurpose variety. The flowers can be stuffed and fried and young fruit eaten in..


Loofah Lenyenye

Loofah Lenyenye

Luffa aegyptiacaThe Lenyenye Loofah is a real South African treasure. One of the rarest of loofahs i..


Loofah Ouma's African

Loofah Ouma's African

LuffaThis is a Livingseeds family heirloom, grown for years by our very own Ouma, who received seed ..


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