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I often get asked to recommend books to people that are looking for ways to become more sustainable and and reduce their impact on the earth.

This is a list of books that I highly recommend, these books have shaped the way we live and farm, as well as shaping our ideal and where we want to go in the future. This list is by no means definitive and there are many more that can (and probably should) be added. I have purposely started off with 3 of Joel Salatin's books as his work and writings resonate with us, we follow nearly every one of his farming practices. Not on the same scale as he does but then our core business is different.

So for your interest, these are the books that we recommend.


Joel Salatin You Can Farm

A book for the person that really wants to get back to the land. Simply put, it's inspiration in a soft cover. You will not regret purchasing this book. In fact any of his books are great. We have listed our top 3 here.

Joel Salatin Pastured Poultry Profits

How to raise the best birds for your table without antibiotics and hormones. This is the perfect entry for a farmer looking to make some money without a huge capital expense.

Joel Salatin Everything I want to do is Illegal

Worth reading and it has a host of ideas on how to think alternatively when it comes to bending stupid rules.

Suzanne Ashworth Seed to Seed

The definitive work on seed saving techniques. A must have if you are looking at seed saving.

Carla Emery The Encyclopaedia of Country Living

If you are in any way interested in doing things yourself, this is the book to get.

Peter Pringle FOOD INC

Reading this (or watching the movie) will definitely wake you up.

Barbara Kingsolver Animal Vegetable Miracle

A very entertaining but thought provoking account of a year without long distance food.

Gene Logsdon The Contrary Farmer

A farmer that farms properly on a small acreage and bucks the trend. packed full of advice and humor it is well worth the read.

Sir Albert Howard An Agricultural Testament

The original work on composting and looking after the soil. This is a must have!

Sepp Holzer Sepp Holzer's Permaculture

A great introduction into permaculture with some very interesting techniques and ideas.

Charles Walters Eco-Farm

A manual on soil improvement, this is a foundational book when looking at getting your soil right.

Michael Pollan Omnivore's Dilemma

Thought provoking and an excellent read!

Eric Schlosser Fast Food Nation

Never again will you be able to buy fast food again without feeling guilty.... and nervous.

Johan Gerber The Garden Guardians

South Africa's own guide on a pest free garden.

Miranda Smith The Plant Propagator's Bible

Looking to increase your plants. This book shows you how to propagate almost every plant in your garden.


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