Water Trap + Tuta Pheromone lure

This lure is effective for 4-5 weeks from placement. The trap functions best at soil level and if you have an extensive planting then place one trap every 15-20m. A few drop of dishwashing liquid will help reduce the surface tension and increase the effectiveness of these traps.

Tuta eggs, adults and pupae can overwinter in the soil, however this is not a necessity, as they will not go dormant if there is food available for them.

Tuta absoluta has very rapidly become a massive pest to home gardeners and commercial growers alike. Losses typically start at 50% and very rapidly increase to a point where the entire crop is lost. Tuta can produce in excess of 10 generations in a single season, with a single female capable of laying 200-300 eggs.

Tuta attacks tomatoes, peppers, brinjals, potatoes and a few other crops in lesser degrees.

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Tomato Leaf Miner (Tuta) : Trap System

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