• African Ivory Jerusalem Artichoke

Helianthus tuberosus

A.k.a. Sunchoke, Sunroot, Canadian Truffle

A stunning 2023 release and yet another South African first.  If you thought Samson was an exceptionally large-tubered variety, African Ivory sets the bar even higher – well-grown tubers look like miniature sweet potatoes!

This Jerusalem artichoke produces huge yields of bright white tubers that are sweet and nutty, reminiscent of water chestnuts, with a smooth, buttery texture. They sport very small knobs and clean exceptionally easily.

This is an outstanding South African variety that will astound in terms of flavour, yields, ease of cleaning, and a much lower inulin content (a soluble fibre great for gut flora and digestion). This has earned this variety the nickname of the "fart-less artichoke." 

We have also found it to be an even more robust and drought-resistant variety than Samson.

Can be eaten raw or cooked, fried, stewed, or mashed.

Highly versatile, this is the ultimate perpetual crop. Plant it once and it will feed you forever.

How To Grow Jerusalem Artichoke
  • Prefers full sun. 
  • Tubers can be planted from mid-winter to early spring. Harvest is ready from the first frosts after summer.
  • This plant is hugely productive but is a long-season grower, so plant this in an area of your veggie garden where it can grow undisturbed.
  • Tubers are best planted in moist soil directly where they are to grow. Plant at a depth of 10cm and 30-40cm apart.
  • The plants can spread aggressively in moist soil, but can be easily contained with a bamboo barrier, bidem, or raised planter. Can be grown in very large pots.
  • Must have consistent moisture during the growing season.
  • Sprouting of the tubers takes place without warning in early spring so best planted early. Tubers left out of the soil can become water-stressed very easily, thus it is important to plant them as soon as they are received.
  • Tubers can be left in the ground and dug up as necessary for the kitchen. There will always be enough left in place to start the sunchoke patch up again in spring, and the tubers store and flavour best in cold soil.
  • The plants die down in winter and frost causes the tubers to sweeten.

2 tubers packed in soil.
Please plant immediately upon receipt.

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African Ivory Jerusalem Artichoke

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