Survival Seed Banks

Livingseeds Survival Seed Banks are designed specifically for the survival/prepper market.

All too often, seed banks are put together by non-seed people or companies with little to no understanding of how seed is supposed to be stored and cared for.

Our seed banks have been designed with the understanding that if/when disaster strikes, you need to have options. A poorly designed seed bank is more of a liability than anything. We have taken the time to ensure our seed banks are an invaluable asset in such a scenario.

What makes Livingseeds Survival Seed Banks so unique?
  1. Our seed banks are designed to take advantage of the seed lifespans. Not all seed has the same lifespan. Livingseeds, with our knowledge of seed lifespans, has separated the varieties into 4, 6, and 10-year seed banks. You will need to purchase one of each to start off your seed bank.

  2. The lifespan separation is where the beauty of this system comes into actual effect. You only need to replace a portion of each seed bank every 4, 6, or 10 years. This allows you to reduce the capital expenditure at each replacement point.

  3. If you are a prepper, you know that “two is one and one is none” – we have carried this principle into our seed banks. Each seed bank contains two identical pouches. This specific detail is unique to Livingseeds Survival Seed Banks and has at this point not been copied by any other survival seed bank company anywhere in the world. These two identical pouches give you real options (more on that in a moment).

  4. Each pouch has all the information on how to grow your seed. It contains seed-saving information and Info Bar cards so that you can use the Livingseeds Info Bar system to the best effect.

  5. Every pouch is vacuum-sealed in a Mylar pouch. This has a number of important benefits:

     it can be frozen
     it can be buried
     it remains pest-free
     it is moisture-proof
     seal integrity is visual

  6. Each Livingseeds Survival Seed Bank is therefore essentially two identical seed banks, thereby enabling you to separate them as needed without compromising the seed.

     You could split it between two families. This allows an immediate 50% reduction in start-up costs to get going with the Livingseeds Survival Seed Bank.

     You could have a seed bank in more than one location. Let’s say, the one pouch at your primary residence and the other at your Bug Out Location (BOL). You never know what may happen – you or a portion of your family or friends may not make it to your BOL and need to use your primary residence to hunker down.

  7. Identical seed banks also give you trading options in times of need: You may want or need to trade seed for certain essentials. Having a complete, sealed seed bank as a trade item is a massive asset that can go a long way in difficult negotiations.

  8. Identical seed banks give you options to gift, barter, or donate a whole or portion of the seed bank to a needy family or worthy cause.

A word of warning:

As fantastic as these seed banks are, if you are not currently an active gardener, having a seed bank and no knowledge of gardening is about as useful as having a parachute and no aeroplane to fly in.

10-Year Survival Seed Bank

10-Year Survival Seed Bank

The Livingseeds Survival Seed Banks are a unique set of three containers, each with two Mylar pouc..


4-Year Survival Seed Bank

4-Year Survival Seed Bank

The Livingseeds Survival Seed Banks are a unique set of three containers, each with two Mylar pouche..


6-Year Survival Seed Bank

6-Year Survival Seed Bank

The Livingseeds Survival Seed Banks are a unique set of three containers, each with two Mylar pouche..


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