• Perennial Shallots

Allium cepa gr. aggregatum

Another South African first from Livingseeds.

Perennial shallots are not grown from seed, but vegetatively grown by division. They are really easy to grow, stick them in good soil where you want them grown, and where they will have a full season of undisturbed growth and you will be able to harvest and divide for a constant Perennial Shallot supply.
Shallots are the mild cousin of the onion and have a mild, sweet onion flavour. Often chosen as a raw eating onion for salads and much prized as an addition to vinegarette dressings as the mild sweet flavour really compliments European and Mediterranean style dishes and dressings.

Planting is simple, just plant the 5 starts into rich well drained soil and feed with Talborne Organics 2:3:2 at 100g per square meter. The plants will divide over the next few months, you options are to increase from your divisions or eat a few and plant the rest. As long as you keep planting a few of your perennial shallots you will always have access to this stunning culinary ingredient.

5 x Perennial Shallot starts

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Perennial Shallots

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