Pumpkins are long-season, tender annuals that thrive on lots of food and water. If you can provide a well-composted site and water the plants well, then you will be rewarded with lovely fruit that will store well. Pumpkins come in all shapes and sizes, ranging from little personal stuffers to mammoth, competition-winning giants. Most pumpkins need to ripen fully on the vine for the best flavour, texture, and storage. Some varieties, if left to mature properly on the vine, can store for well over 6 months.

Best planted as early in the season as possible, as late-planted pumpkins can be subject to insect and disease attacks. The two most common problems are pumpkin fly and aphid-transmitted viral diseases. The earlier you can get your plants growing, the better chance you have of getting your crop in before these become an issue.

If you are struggling with pollination of your Pumpkins, please watch this video:

Ugly Duckling Pumpkin

Ugly Duckling Pumpkin

Cucurbita maximaUgly Duckling is a French Heirloom ornamental pumpkin. It is a Cinderella type pumpk..


Vrieskas Pumpkin

Vrieskas Pumpkin

Cucurbita maximaThis pumpkin was given to Livingseeds by Dr Kruger an ex ARC scientist, from his pri..


Wit Boer Pumpkin

Wit Boer Pumpkin

Cucurbit maxima South Africa's own Wit Boer Pampoen. Steeped in tradition. This is the real ‘Boer..


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