• Aphidalia-2 Spot Ladybug 100's

One of the most common questions we get from people looking to buy beneficial insects is: Do you sell ladybugs?

Until now the answer has always been unfortunately not.
Local gardeners exposed to European and U.S. sites see those gardeners regularly being able to purchase ladybugs to release into their gardens.
South Africans have been left out, and until now, we were unable to source a reliable supply of Ladybugs that were safe for South Africa, our gardens and our environment.

Enter Koppert, our partner in biological pest control. After a lot of hard work the guys and gals at Koppert have managed to get the process right. South African gardeners can order a consistent supply of aphid munching Ladybugs direct to their own gardens.

Our ladybugs will be sold in cloth bags with a 50 or 100 count of pupae or newly pupated and ravenous adults.

Livingseeds is very proud to be partnered with Koppert bringing South African gardeners another first!

Use: Aphidalia is a predatory ladybug that will need to be released multiple times for effective aphid control.

A single release will typically not suffice for the average garden. They will breed in your garden, and the population will increase. However understand that if released into an aphid infested garden they can only eat so many aphids per day. The aphids in your garden will continue breeding, often out-competing your ladybugs.
We strongly recommend that you release multiple tranches of ladybugs and also include other aphid predators like Aphidend and Aphipar to assist in your aphid control.

Our recommendation for all beneficial insect releases is a minimum of 3 releases 2 weeks apart. Before the onset of major pest occurrence. If you already have major pest populations, look at increasing the releases and species, as well as extending the number of releases.

Please Note: There is a 2 week lead-time to supply our Ladybugs.

Our beneficial insect orders are placed on a Tuesday at 10:00. Any ordered received after 10:00 on a Tuesday will be rolled over to the following week. The two week period is counted from the Tuesday.

100 Count of Ladybugs

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Aphidalia-2 Spot Ladybug 100's

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