• Buckwheat Sprouting Seed

Buckwheat is one of the staple grains from ancient history, with many fantastic uses. Use it as a sprouted seed in salads, grind it into a flour to add to your health breads, crush and toast them to add to your muesli. Grow them and turn back into your soil at flowering stage to give a nutritious and mineral enriched green manure to your soil. Or grow them on and harvest your crop to feed your chickens and your family. Please note however, that ingesting more than 40g of buckwheat greens per day can cause a phototoxic response in people, overindulgence for animals carries a similar response (Fagopyrism). The seed or sprouted seed does not pose the same challenge.

Used as a sprouting seed, it is very nutritious and adds considerable soluble and insoluble fibre to your diet.

The Sprouting seed packs can also be used as a green manure, as the seed will flourish in the soil. Providing a very large amount of green matter in a very short time. Cut back before the seed has started to set, otherwise you will have a continuous volunteer crop of Buckwheat.


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Buckwheat Sprouting Seed

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