Looking to build your own steel framed tunnels?
Are commercial tunnels just way too expensive?
Are you finding that commercial tunnels are made from flimsy materials?

Many commercial tunnels are made of multiple joints, and each joint becomes a weak-point in the whole tunnel. With the failure of a single joint, one will often lose the plastic covering that keeps your crop safe, and possibly an entire crop.

Build sturdy, steel framed tunnels now, at a fraction of the cost of inferior commercial tunnels. This is the perfect tool for you. It will literally pay for itself with the very first tunnel made.

The Tunnel Bender is a solid, all steel tool, specifically designed to bend a variety of tunnel frames. This tool will allow you to bend steel pipes into a durable, long-lasting steel tunnel.
No more messing with cheap plastic pipes that break in the wind and become brittle from UV light.

With the Tunnel Bender tool you can bend steel pipe onsite in just a matter of minutes. The Tunnel Bender can be mounted onto a variety of surfaces allowing you to bend pipe almost anywhere.

Bend any pipe up to 30mm in diameter, we recommend any of the following types of pipe:  6 or 7.2m lengths of galvanised plumbing or electrical pipe, mild steel pipe, in almost any wall thickness.

The Tunnel Bender comes with full instructions via email as a PDF document.

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Tunnel Bender

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