Ginkgo biloba

One of the most ancient trees known to man, used for centuries in Eastern medicines for a wide variety of ailments, now you can grow your very own Ginkgo tree for yourself and future generations.

The Ginkgo tree grows rapidly and will be a lovely shade tree in under 10 years. The leaves are large, fan-shaped with a delightful lime colour, in autumn when the leave drop they turn a beautiful lemon yellow colour.

Most commonly used as a herbal supplement, for memory, aging and fatigue the tree is a wonderful addition to a landscaped garden. This tree will lose all of it leaves in winter (think free mulch) and a unique aspect of this is they tend to drop all their leaves in under a week. which makes for a dramatic ornamental change in the garden.

Germination is easy, as long as you follow a few simple steps. Basically you need to trick the seed into thinking it's been through a cold, wet winter.

The seeds are quite large so make allowances for the size of the seed and depth of your planting container. Rather use a larger Jiffy Pot for these seeds.

Sow the seeds into a jiffy pot at any time of the year, the seeds need to be in moist, but not wet soil, about 1cm deep. Then take the pots and pot them into the lettuce crisper drawer in your fridge for about 6 weeks. Ensure that the pots remain moist but never wet, which can cause moulding. Set a date on your calendar to take them out and continue watering as normal. Voila.... you have a new Ginkgo sapling.

Standard packet 3 seeds.

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Ginkgo Biloba

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