• Livingseeds Cover Crop Mix (Spring/Summer)

A multi-species warm season cover crop is the perfect way to ensure massive amounts of atmospheric carbon are being trapped in your soil.

This is a 10 way cover crop blend to ensure the best possible accumulation of carbon, nitrogen, nutrients and other fantastic soil benefits.
This cover crop blend is specifically designed to facilitate robust fungal and bacterial populations via the varied broad and narrow-leaved species root exudates, and take your soil to the next level.

This blend will also make the perfect spring or summer grazing mix if you are looking for a winter green forage for your animals.

Wheat ~ Biomass production, beneficial root exudates, deep roots.

Nigella ~ Exceptional soil conditioner, grows well in poor and improved soils.

Buckwheat ~ Great for above ground and below ground biomass production.

Chia ~ Deep rooted, with an abundance of above ground biomass production.

Alfalfa ~ Nitrogen fixation, with exceptionally deep roots to lift soil minerals for future crops.

Sunhemp ~ Massive biomass production, nitrogen fixation and pathogenic nematode suppression.

Fenugreek ~ Beneficial root exudates, nitrogen fixation and biomass production.

Sorghum ~ Massive volumes of biomass and beneficial root exudates.

Cowpeas ~ Nitrogen fixing, deep tap roots and biomass production.

Rye ~ Beneficial root exudates, biomass production both above and below ground.

This crop is best planted in a narrow line in the center of the beds, the blend has a mix of tall-growing and low-growing species to give you the best soil coverage while at the same time keeping your soil biology alive and active during the warm growing season.

On Livingseeds Farm we use this mix as part of a fallow system where any soil that is taken out of production for a season, is sown with this blend to keep the soil ecology alive and the entire crop is not harvested but chop & dropped onto the soil so that any nutrients are returned.

The biggest benefit of this mixed-species crop is that if planted in a narrow line, it will cover your entire bed, and when the time comes to chop the green manure down, you have a single line that you can follow to sever the crop just below the soil line, making the job so much simpler.


Will cover approximately 20 running meters of bed, sown in a single row.

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Livingseeds Cover Crop Mix (Spring/Summer)

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