Dry Peas

Dry peas are grown specifically as a dried pea for use in soups and stews, all peas can be used dry, so don't limit yourself, however the varieties in this section excel as a dry pea used in thick winter soups and stews.

Grow as you would any normal pea plant, staking to ensure less disease and easier picking. The pods are best picked as they start to turn tan and then left to air dry on a flat tray. Thresh and store in a jar or container.

If you have weevil issues, then freeze the peas for two weeks to kill off any potential eggs.

Antique Pea

Antique Pea

Pisum sativumAntique Pea is a really special, exceedingly rare pea variety that simply makes a a del..


Aragon Peas

Aragon Peas

Pisum sativumThis is a dry pea variety used for split peas.Aragon is an early maturing variety which..


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