Capsicum annuum

Shubo is a lovely medium-heat pepper from the Kano State of Nigeria. This makes for a good drying chilli as the wall is quite thin. Shubo has a nice, rounded chilli flavour that is not overpowering. If you are looking for a very mild pepper, use the skin only. If you want some heat, keep the seeds in.

Standard packet contains approx. 25 seeds

Petite packet contains approx. 10 seeds

Recipe: Sean's Chilli Pickle Relish

This is a raw pickle; the only thing that is cooked is half of the onions.


1 cup yellow mustard seed (our sprouting seed works well)

5 cup brown sugar

3L brown grape or malt vinegar

800ml chopped garlic

10 onions sliced thinly and fried in olive oil until translucent

10 onions raw, sliced thinly into strips

1 1/2 cups salt

100g tamarind

250ml lemon juice

approx. 4kg mild chillies (both red and green) sliced into rounds

* Chillies can be "defused" by removing a percentage of the seeds. We generally do not add any loose seed that falls out and just keep what is in the rounds.


Heat 2 cups vinegar and dissolve tamarind and strain. Discard bits.

Add everything except the onions into a plastic sealable container.

Using a stick blender, roughly blend half of the mix.

Now add the onions.

Wait 2 weeks and bottle.

Put bottles in the sun, turning every day for a week.

Keep bottles in a dark place until ready for use.

To use, roughly drain the vinegar, leaving about 1/5 of the vinegar in the bottle. Add olive oil, shake, and use as a relish on basically anything.

This recipe is original and supplied by Sean Freeman of Livingseeds.

© Livingseeds

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Shubo from Kano

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