• Black Turmeric Root

In 2016 Livingseeds released Black Turmeric as a first to the South African gardener. Our supplier literally dropped off the face of the earth and we could no longer contact him. It's taken us a long time to build up stocks again.

This year we are proud to "re-release" Black Turmeric to you guys.

To make sure we always have a consistent supply, we have delayed the release by 2 years to enable us to supply 3 of our growers with growing material, all of this to ensure that we never have a situation where we could potentially lose this really special species.

Black Turmeric is firstly not black, but blue, and is considered an important medicinal species in India where it is used primarily as an Ayurvedic medicine.
Black Turmeric is under threat in India due to over harvesting and there is talk of it becoming endangered due to the tremendous demand. So, we can all do our bit and grow this amazing rhizome and share it to help keep this variety alive.

Black Turmeric has been used specifically for its potent medicinal properties and the list of medicinal uses is extensive. At the heart of Black Turmeric is curcumin, a potent compound with impressive anti-inflammatory properties. It's not just a spice that adds flavor to your dishes (go easy on this one, as it is prone to be a tad on the bitter side); it's a potential game-changer in the fight against cancer, for pain relief, reducing inflammation, controlling skin rashes, stimulating digestion, aiding in kickstarting your body's metabolism and interestingly it seems to have an anti-aging mechanism too, this seems almost too good to be true. Black Turmeric is rare in cultivation and is fast becoming recognised as a Superfood, and growing your own is the most viable option to ensure access to this amazing rhizome.

Want some? We have limited stocks of of this really special plant, so once again this is limited to a single propagule per person.

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Black Turmeric Root

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