We've searched high and low to find a workable solution that provides just the right amount of grow medium to fill a Livingseeds Microgreens tray. The larger coco coir blocks provide too great a volume of grow medium for smaller grow-outs, leaving you with a whole lot of unused medium. With the Growblocks you can grow as many trays as you require without any wastage, knowing that 2 Growblocks provide you with the exact amount of grow medium to fill a Livingseeds Microgreens tray.

Comprised of 100% coco substrate that is 100% RHP certified, sterilized and buffered, giving you peace of mind that you can grow a healthy, nutritious crop of microgreens without unknown toxins or additives in your grow medium.

Place 2 growblocks in a jug and add 2 1/2 cups of water (625ml), mix to ensure even saturation. Once saturated, fill your Livingseeds Microgreens tray. Follow the sowing guidelines for each individual variety of seed. The grow medium holds the perfect amount of water to keep your seeds moist for 2-3 days, ensuring great germination and easy growing. Use the Livingseeds Black tray as a blackout dome or the Livingseeds Clear Dome for varieties that require light to germinate.

Pack of 8 (Fills 4 trays)

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Microgreen Growblocks

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