Livingseeds Petite Jiffy Seed Collections

Livingseeds Petite Jiffy

As its name suggests this combo is petite. All the packets of seed in this combo are from our petite..

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Garden in a Jiffy Seed Collections

Garden in a Jiffy

All the pun intended!!This combo consist of the following:1 x Packet of Cherry Tomato Blend1 x Packe..

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Colourful Plugmaster Kit

Colourful Plugmaster Kit

A real value for money combo for any start up or existing gardener.This collection includes petite p..

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Livingseeds Joyful Jiffy Starter

Livingseeds Joyful Jiffy Starter

A great way to start your seedlings off for your garden.This combo includes the following:24 x 6cm R..

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Sprouters Delight Sprout & Microgreen Seed

Sprouters Delight

2 tubes of delicious and easy sprouting seeds as well as a twin-pack of Livingseeds Sprouting Lids.I..

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Gardener's Sunscreen Jane's Delicious Garden

Gardener's Sunscreen

Jane's Delicious Gardener's SunscreenA non-greasy SPF22 made with plant oils and natural zinc oxide...

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Rainbow Carrot Blend Carrots

Rainbow Carrot Blend

Daucus carota A special blend of coloured carrots. This is a great cost effective way to real..

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Drip Irrigation Kit (60 Sqm)

Drip Irrigation Kit (60 Sqm)

Looking to start with drip irrigation, but don't know what you need and how much of it? With the ..

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Jiffy-7® Plugs 41mm  Garden Supplies

Jiffy-7® Plugs 41mm

41mm Jiffy-7® Plugs. Add water and these awesome plugs expand 7x in just a few minutes. They ma..

R37.78 Ex Tax: R32.85

Sakay Lany Lalli Peppers / Chillis

Sakay Lany Lalli

Capsicum chinenseAn exceptionally productive Madagascan habanero with an intense fruity flavour.The ..

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Purple Calabash Tomato

Purple Calabash Tomato

Solanum lycopersicumAs beautiful as it is delicious. The fruits of this high yielding, inderterminat..

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Witsa Beans Vegetable Seeds

Witsa Beans

Phaseolus vulgarisReleased in 1964. Witsa bean is a South African variety developed by the Horticult..

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Chinese Sword Lettuce Lettuce

Chinese Sword Lettuce

Lactuca sativaThis very fast growing lettuce is also known as Taiwan sword leaf lettuce , Pointed le..

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Rio Grande

Rio Grande

Solanum lycopersicumA good producing, pear shaped, determinate Italian paste tomato variety which ha..

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